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Implant-Supported Overdentures

Denture wearers often struggle with loose dentures resulting in discomfort and sometimes pain. Dental implants usually have a body, neck and head attachment for the dentures. Coldwater Denture Clinic is minutes away from Orillia and Midland Ontario.
Implant overdentures have many benefits over conventional complete dentures, mainly improved comfort and denture stability, so you will never need to use denture glue ever again. Harrison denture clinic is located in Midland.
There are different types of dental implant options for patients to think about when considering permanent denture false teeth.
All on four dental implants are cleaned like natural teeth and do not require denture adhesive to keep them in place. With the implants secured in the jawbone more force is available to chew food. You can get more information at a denture clinic in Orillia
Fixed Implant Overdentures

A fixed implant overdenture uses the same type of implants as a removable implant denture, but it is fastened in to place using screws. The number of implants vary from patient to patient but generally offers the security of knowing that their denture is secure. After the denture is attached, the holes in the overdenture are covered by the clinician. There is notably less acrylic used than conventional dentures which improves speech and chewing ability. This type of denture does, however, require routine visits to a dental office for removal and cleaning. Talk to your dental team about which implant-supported overdenture option is most suitable for you. 

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