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Immediate Complete Denture Therapy


Immediate dentures are used when you need to have one or more teeth extracted, but do not want to be left without dentures while you recover.  An Immediate Denture can also help speed healing of extraction sites.  This type of denture is made before your teeth are removed, and is inserted directly following your dental extraction appointment.

A special type of denture

Immediate dentures are required when natural teeth have heavily deteriorated to the point where keeping them is neither feasible nor cost effective. The most common cause of such tooth destruction results from particular diseases, chronic cavities and trauma. Immediate dentures are unique in that they are made before your natural teeth are removed and are inserted directly following your teeth extraction appointment.  This saves you from being without teeth for any period of time.  Using their clinical and laboratory expertise, your Denturist will take a mould of your natural teeth and convert it to a plaster study model. This study model will be altered while you still have your natural teeth, in anticipation of how your mouth will look when the teeth are extracted.  The finished product will be given to you before your dental appointment to have the teeth removed, and immediately following the extractions your Dentist will insert the finished Immediate Dentures. All treatment options for immediate dentures will be coordinated between Coldwater Denture Clinic and the local dental clinic. If you have a Dentist in Orillia or a Dentist in Midland, that's no problem. We will stay in touch with them and keep you updated.

Immediate dentures can help restore missing or heavily deteriorated teeth and give you a new denture smile. Immediate dentures are not permanent denture false teeth and will require tissue conditioning to restore their fit to prevent loose dentures.
What are immediate dentures and are they the right denture fit for me? If you are not happy with your teeth and are looking for a new denture smile to restore missing teeth please contact Coldwater Denture Clinic in Coldwater Ontario.
Complete immediate dentures are an affordable denture option for replacing missing teeth or heavily broken down teeth. Contact Coldwater Denture Clinic. Harrison Bajic denture clinic in Midland is another denture clinic option for patients.
A denturist in Midland area is available to assist you with discussing the difference between dentures vs. implant dentures. If you want to stop using denture glue and want a new denture smile contact our denture clinic to learn about getting new dentures.

Before: heavily broken down natural teeth

After: immediate complete dentures

Are immediate dentures right for me?

While immediate dentures offer a great solution to help you maintain your smile immediately following your teeth extractions, they are not without limitations.  When natural teeth are removed, the underlying bone will begin to resorb rapidly.  Your Immediate Dentures will need to be adjusted to compensate for this shrinkage, and periodically your Denturist will apply a tissue conditioner to bridge the gap in the areas where your bone has shrunk.  This will continue until your bone shrinkage slows down, and you are ready for a permanent refit of your denture.  Oftentimes, an Immediate Denture will be referred to as a transitional denture, and a permanent denture will be made after the extraction sites have healed and your bone has stopped resorbing at a rapid rate.   Creating a new permanent denture will allow your denturist more ability to customize the look of your denture to suit you, as they will no longer be limited for space by the initial size of the bone pre-extractions. 

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