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Discover Events & Attractions in Coldwater

Coldwater Denture Clinic is located right on the main strip and in the heart of Coldwater, Ontario. The beautiful and historic village of Coldwater is nestled approximately 15 minutes between Midland and Orillia, and is considered the second oldest settlement in Ontario where the first settlers set camp in the mid-1700s. The Ojibwa Indians referred to the area as GIS-SI-NAUSE-BING meaning "Cold River" or "Cold Water," but don't be dismayed, today the village is filled with warmth and events and attractions for people of all ages. Welcome to Coldwater, Ontario!

Coldwater Steampunk Festival


The annual Coldwater Steampunk Festival is growing with each passing year. Join and participate with 4000 other attendees for a two-day event full of activities, attractions, events, contests, shows, scavenger hunts, horse rides and much, much more! Go back in time as the historic village of Coldwater transforms into a world of knights, magicians, mad hatters, birdmen, drummers, blacksmiths, musicians, forgers, and whatever your imagination permits. The theme this year is, “Wild Wild West”. See you on the other side! Website:

Coldwater Denture Clinic is 15 minutes from Orillia and Midland. Drop by for a free consultation. Affordable dentures in Orillia and Midland areas.
Coldwater Steampunk Festival spans the whole village of Coldwater, converting a village by the river into a time flashback. Coldwater Steampunk Festival 2015 is going to be epic.
During the Coldwater Steampunk Festival, you can see the village of Coldwater on foot or on buggy.
Coldwater Steampunk Festival brings in lots of talent. YouTube Jeff Burke to hear he's got!
Coldwater Steampunk. Visitors from Orillia, Barrie, Midland and surrounding areas all came out for a spectacular day. Our team at Coldwater Denture Clinic always looks forward to this event. We have two convenient locations. Feel free to drop by our Barrie Denture Clinic to discuss the cost of dentures with our denturist.
The vendors and booth tenders at the Coldwater Steampunk Festival. There were over 1,000 people in attendance and the day was filled with activities for people of all ages. Our denture clinic in Coldwater and denture clinic in Barrie offer two locations for affordable denture options. Find out about how much dentures cost and how you can get a free denture consultation. Our dental hygienist in Coldwater is also available for affordable dental cleanings.
Coldwater Steampunk Festival 2015. Hot rods and antiques of all types filled Coldwater Road. During the summer Thursday nights are hot rod nights. Come out and visit the village of Coldwater. Out team at the Coldwater Denture Clinic and Barrie Denture Clinic always look forward to this spectacular event. Our denture services are available for residents in Orillia and Midland. Midland denture clinic services and denturist in Orillia denture clinic.
Coldwater Steampunk Festival 2015. At Coldwater Denture Clinic we love it when patients leave our denture clinic in Barrie and Coldwater leave with a smile on their face. To book your free consultation to learn about how much do dentures cost and about implant denture options please feel free to contact our denture office. Our Barrie Denture Clinic and Orillia denturist are available for you denture needs.
Annual Coldwater Duck Race


Quack, quack! The annual Coldwater Duck Race, organized by the Coldwater Lions Club, is an awesome opportunity to visit the village for games, horseback riding, meet local farmers and vendors, hear live music and to cheer for the ducks! The event usually starts with a pancake breakfast at the Coldwater Community Centre, followed by a parade and ending with the anticipated duck race! Each year, approximately 3,000 yellow rubber ducks are released into the Coldwater River for the ultimate race to the finish line. Each duck has a number and owner who cheers as the ducks float to the finish line for prizes. Proceeds from the event go back to the youth community. Website:

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