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Partial Dentures - Cast Partial Dentures


Partial dentures are used when you still have some natural teeth remaining.  This type of denture will fill the gaps in your dentition, restoring aesthetics and your ability to chew.  Your denturist will be able to decide what type of partial denture is right for you based on your specific needs.

Cast partial dentures

Cast partial dentures are built on a metal framework, and are usually lighter and stronger than acrylic partial dentures.  After taking a mould of your mouth, your denturist will have a custom framework designed in the dental lab to fit around your remaining teeth. Like other types of partial dentures, a cast partial denture uses clasps to anchor around your natural teeth for support. Sometimes adjustments are made during your try-in appointment to ensure that the framework rests snugly around your natural teeth. Prothetic teeth are then added to the framework in such a way to articulate with your opposing teeth to avoid interferences when you chew and speak. Cast partial dentures require specific materials, additional laboratory procedures and more time to fabricate.  It is the combination of he custom framework and denture acrylic that provides both support and strength to a cast partial denture and offers a thinner, lighter and more aesthetically acceptable substitute for several missing teeth. 

Improve your smile with acrylic partial dentures to replace missing teeth. A permanent denture made by a denturist in Orillia area will boost your confidence and keep you smiling all day. Don’t struggle with loose dentures in Elmvale and Victoria Harbour.
Flexible partial dentures are a more comfortable denture option if you are missing teeth. Drop by our denture clinic in Orillia area to see how a flexible partial denture can help you. Robertson Denture Clinic in Orillia is another denture clinic option.
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